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Swedish Snus in Phuket

Swedish Tobacco Snus | Nicotine Pouches

Get your Swedish Snus at Karlsson’s

We are reseller of traditional Swedish Snus in Phuket, as well as the reseller of Nicotine Pouches. The following brands are available at Karlsson’s in Patong, Phuket.

  • Epic, nicotine pouches snus

    • Cool Mint Strong
    • Creme Brule very strong
    • Mango medium strong
    • Strawberry mild
  • XR General and Göteborg Rapé, snus from Swedish tobacco company
  • Odens tobacco snus powder (Lösnus)
  • Siberia Snus, strong with tobacco
  • Epic tobacco snus very strong

  • Kaliber portion snus

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